Cold Air Intake for for 97-02 Ford F150 / SUV

//Cold Air Intake for for 97-02 Ford F150 / SUV

Cold Air Intake for for 97-02 Ford F150 / SUV


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Vehicle Applications

2004FordF-1504.6L, Gas
2004FordF-1505.4L, Gas
2003FordF-1504.6L, Gas
2003FordF-1505.4L, Gas
2002FordExpedition4.6L, Gas
2002FordExpedition5.4L, Gas
2002FordF-1504.6L, Gas
2002FordF-1505.4L, Gas
2001FordExpedition4.6L, Gas
2001FordExpedition5.4L, Gas
2001FordF-1504.6L, Gas
2001FordF-1505.4L, Gas
2000FordExpedition4.6L, Gas
2000FordExpedition5.4L, Gas
2000FordF-1504.6L, Gas
2000FordF-1505.4L, Gas
1999FordExpedition4.6L, Gas
1999FordExpedition5.4L, Gas
1999FordF-1504.6L, Gas
1999FordF-1505.4L, Gas
1999FordF-2504.6L, Gas
1999LincolnNavigator5.4L, Gas
1998FordExpedition4.6L, Gas
1998FordExpedition5.4L, Gas
1998FordF-1504.6L, Gas
1998FordF-1505.4L, Gas
1998FordF-2504.6L, Gas
1998FordF-2505.4L, Gas
1998LincolnNavigator5.4L, Gas
1997FordExpedition4.6L, Gas
1997FordExpedition5.4L, Gas
1997FordF-1504.6L, Gas
1997FordF-1505.4L, Gas
1997FordF-2504.6L, Gas
1997FordF-2505.4L, Gas
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