Cold Air Intake for 07-18 Toyota Tundra

//Cold Air Intake for 07-18 Toyota Tundra

Cold Air Intake for 07-18 Toyota Tundra


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Vehicle Applications

2019ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2018ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2018ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2017ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2017ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2016ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2016ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2015ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2015ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2014ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2014ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2013ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2013ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2012ToyotaSequoia5.7L, Gas
2012ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2012ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2011ToyotaSequoia5.7L, Gas
2011ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2011ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2010ToyotaSequoia5.7L, Gas
2010ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2010ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2009ToyotaSequoia5.7L, Gas
2009ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2009ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2008ToyotaSequoia5.7L, Gas
2008ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2008ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
2007ToyotaSequoia5.7L, Gas
2007ToyotaTundra5.7L, Gas
2007ToyotaTundra4.6L, Gas
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