Have you ever found yourself in with a large repair bill and not sure how you will cover it all? Why torture yourself when you don’t have to?

You probably have insurance for those people and items that are important to you. For example health insurance, auto insurance, a homeowners policy, you may even have some additional insurance policies, such as fire, flood, theft etc.

Like me you feel like you’re pretty well covered against almost anything life will throw your way. Yet like me, when you’re renting a big toy you find yourself wondering if you have the right coverage on your current policy.

Take away that worry and purchase one of the policies we offer. Our most popular option $69/UTV/Day, will limit your out of pocket expense to only a $3500 deductible instead of $16,000-$30,000(depending on the machine you rent from us). If you want to limit your liability even more just an extra $40 ($109/UTV/Day) will save you a $1000 making your deductible only $2500.

What if the dreaded day of reality meets you and you have an accident? You find out your insurance covers you and your family and nothing more. You realize you have no coverage for a toy that you are now going to pay for and you don’t even get to take it home.

And even if your insurance will pay for the toy they may delay sending their adjuster, or making payment. Which could leave you still owing up to 30 days loss of use. Do the math 30 days at say $300 equals $9,000.00.

One of the advantages to enrolling in our damage waiver is that it is designed to limit your total out of pocket to no more than the deductible for parts, labor, and loss of use.

I ask why would you ever put yourself through this? To save a buck? No more! Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and purchase your damage waiver.

Protecting yourself from a costly repair bill, in the event something goes wrong, is as easy as picking the damage waiver option that best suits you. Protect your pocket book and save yourself an extended period of struggle trying to pay for a toy you don’t own. Or self insure and worry that you may own a bill for a wrecked toy that you do own and have to rebuild. Meaning you can quickly be liable for a huge expense that you can’t pay or don’t want the stress of.

If you don’t want the pride of owning a wreck, protect your rental like you would your car, or family and keep life easy!

Buy your damage waiver now!

Our most popular option: $69/UTV/day with a $3500 deductible

Best option: $109/UTV/day with a $2500 deductible

Book now and select your damage waiver.